Caring for the Soul

December 14, 2013

Care For Your Soul with Ancient Recipes

Ancient Recipes of Bulgaria by Evdokia Krusteva

Ancient Recipes of Bulgaria

Ancient Recipes of Bulgaria

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August 21, 2012

Cooking For the Soul: Authentic Bulgarian Recipes


For many years, friends and partners have been asking about Bulgarian cuisine. What does it include? Does it taste good? What are our favorites and so on? It has been our experience that Bulgarian cuisine is very attractive to the Northern American tastes. Actually, we do not have a single friend or partner who have visited us and worked with us in Bulgaria who did not fall in love with our food.

After many requests, Kathryn has taken a personal interest in collecting our favorite Bulgarian recipes and putting them in this small cookbook. Now, these are much different than the modern Bulgarian diet that today includes fast food restaurants and junk food snacks. The book has 25 personally customized recipes of authentic Bulgarian cuisine. Not only that they carry the typical Bulgarian flavor, but each recipe comes with a personal story. You will enjoy cooking them with your family and friends most of all, you will enjoy serving and sharing them with everyone.

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