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January 27, 2013

The Bulgarian Evangelical Believer and Communistic Consequences

The collapse of Bulgaria’s previous social order, communism, left the country with a moral and ideological void that was quickly filled with crime and corruption. A culture originally shaped by communism currently is influenced by capitalism and democracy. Post communist mentality with definite Balkan characteristics rules the country as a whole. This mentality holds captive nearly every progressive thought and idea. In the post communist context, the atheistic mind is a given and even when an individual experiences a genuine need for spirituality, in most cases he or she has no religious root to which to return other than Orthodoxy. This lack of alternative or spiritual choice produces a pessimistic morale.

From an environment of uncertainty and hopelessness, the Bulgarian Evangelical believer turns to the continuity of faith in the Almighty Redeemer. Pentecostalism as practical Christianity gives a sense of internal motivation to the discouraged. In a society that is limited in conduciveness for progression of thought or self actualization, one finds refuge in the promises of Christianity. It becomes a certainty which can be relied upon. Historically, having undergone severe persecution, the Bulgarian

Evangelical believer is one who possesses great devotion to his or her belief. Having to defend the faith fosters a deep sense of appreciation and in an impoverished country, faith becomes all some have. Christ becomes the only one to whom to turn for provision. In the midst of this complete dependence is where miracles occur. Furthermore, it is in the midst of miracles where the skepticism which is prominent in post communist Bulgaria is broken. When those who believe are healed from cancer and even raised from the dead, there is no room for disbelief or low self-esteem. Surrounded with insecurity and uncertainty, the Bulgarian Evangelical believer finds great hope and comfort in the fact that God holds the future in His hands. Christianity is a reality that is certain.

Excepts taken from “LOOKING OVER the WALL”
A Psychological Exploration of Communist and Post Communist Bulgaria
Copyright © April 12, 2012 by Kathryn N. Donev
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March 2, 2012

No Fear or Have Fear: The Clash of Two Cultures

We are unfortunately living in a conscious less society. There is no fear. I remember when this ideology used to be the “it” slogan of the upcoming rebellious generation, when t-shirts and bumper stickers proudly proclaimed “NO FEAR”. However, for this same generation today, the slogan has become a way of life. It is no longer simply a proclaimed desired protest; it is a life of no fear, no consequence and therefore no consciousness. Indulgency are acceptable, lies are just and chivalry is no more.

Empathy is not an innate characteristic of humanity. It is something that has to be fostered from an early age. Yet, when care is not learn and understanding of others desires, sadness, and pain is not comprehended, there becomes confusion.

In this post-modern society of the 21st century, we are faced with a clash of two cultures. There is a struggle of one culture not understanding why the other doesn’t understand and the other culture truly not having the ability to understand. The only thing to be feared is not fear itself, but rather a world with no fear. This is a world of savages seeking only to meet selfish desires; one which will knock down the other to be superior. There is no care, no giving and no empathy. For those who say “No Fear”, I say “Have Fear” or society will be no more.

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